Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kesnau?

Kesnau can be defined as a secure and privacy-focused messaging platform that allows users to send messages, photos, and videos that automatically disappear after they have been sent and read. We aims to provide a worry-free messaging experience, and with its intuitive interface and emphasis on automatic message deletion, Kesnau offers a seamless and secure communication platform for users to connect with friends and family.

What is new about it?

What sets Kesnau apart is its unique approach to messaging by combining automatic message deletion with a focus on user privacy. Unlike traditional messaging apps, where messages are typically stored indefinitely, this app introduces the concept of messages automatically disappearing after they have been sent and read.

How is it less addictive?

This app takes a conscious approach to reduce addictive tendencies commonly associated with messaging platforms. It promotes healthier and more mindful communication by focusing on the core purpose of messaging while eliminating addictive elements. Here's how it achieves that:

  1. Limited Message Retention: By automatically deleting messages after they have been sent and read, the app encourages users to have more meaningful and present conversations rather than constantly revisiting past messages.
  2. Reduced Distractions: With no ads or cluttered interfaces, the app creates a clean and distraction-free environment, allowing users to stay focused on the conversation at hand.
  3. Minimal Notifications: The app implements intelligent notification settings to prevent constant interruptions and minimize the urge to constantly check for new messages. Users can customize notification preferences to strike a balance between staying connected and avoiding excessive alerts.

How does message deletion work?

Our app automatically deletes messages after they have been sent and read by the recipient. This ensures that your conversations remain private and secure.

How can I invite friends to use the app?

You can easily invite your friends to join by sharing a unique referral link or sending them an invitation directly from the app. Spread the word and enjoy private conversations together!

On which platforms, is Kesnau available on?

he app is available on multiple platforms, ensuring compatibility and accessibility for a wide range of users. Currently, the app is available for download on the following platforms:

  1. iOS (iPhone and iPad): You can find the app on the Apple App Store and enjoy its features on your iOS devices.
  2. Android:The app is available for Android devices on the Google Play Store, allowing Android users to enjoy its functionalities.

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